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LAST UPDATE 2004/11/12

Hirokazu Nagatomi
Satoru Yagawa
Nana Mitsuhashi
Tamami Iriki

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Kota Koga

CG production

Yoji Kojima
Kosuke Shimba

Atsuya Seo

about film


Terrorism broke out in the island country "Nihoon" in Asia. In order to cover about Oui which is the only Nepaj people involved in terrorism, the coverage group of Nepaj national broadcasting visits his friend in Nihoon.
Tamm, the friend of Oui, will begin to tell a journalist about several days of the last of Oui. Unrequited love of Oui, his trouble, his word in the last moment, etc. The "happiness" form where Oui arrived is clarified in it.

before "Nepaj"

the pilot film of "Nepaj"
* Japanese subtitle only. Please consume only the atmosphere.
"Tokio Residence" (13min, 11.2MB)

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screening information
date time location entrance fee infomation
04/Sept/20 Mon 11:30
ShimokitazawaTollywood 500JPY finished
04/Oct/30 Sat 18:00-21:00 Tama Campus of Chuo University free finished
04/Nov/14 Sun 18:00-18:45 Design Festa vol.20@Tokyo Big Site Advance 800JPY
at the door 1,000JPY
The entrance fee is for all events in Design Festa.
DVDs with English subtitle can be bought at booth area.(the screening is only with Japanese subtitle)
the screening will be held for the closing of screen event.
You can find the screening by the name of "Nepaj".